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Seven (7) Day Diet Tips to a Better Body

Incorporate these 7 tips each day and watch your body burn more fat and in just 7days. Keep in mind that healthy weight loss comes from permanent lifestyle changes and there are no quick fixes but you can start losing weight in seven days from the tips below.

1.       Drink a Minimum of 10 Cups of Water – Why drink water?

-  Water makes you feel more full and suppresses appetite
-  Water rids the body of metabolized fat and other waste products
-  Water aids in good elimination and helps prevent constipation

2.    Reduce Serving Size of Red Meat – Cut your portion size by 20% or eliminate that second helping.  This is simple to do and can save you lots of calories in one month which leads to more weight loss.

3.    Substitute Poultry for Red Meat –   Instead of beef, pork and lamb.

4.    Trim Visible Fat from Meats – Fat has concentrated calories so when you trim visible fat, you cut the calories and lose weight.

5.    Plan Your Menu – Too many people don’t make plans and succumbed to temptation. Always plan your meals so you don’t fall prey to impulsive eating which leads to eating whatever is around.

6.    Choose Fresh Foods and Vegetables – Process foods tend to be high in calories and preservatives while fresh vegetables and fruits are naturally low in calories and high in fiber which is good for cholesterol control and proper elimination.

7.    Add Calorie Free Flavored Water – As mentioned earlier, drinking water makes you feel full and helps suppress appetite but drinking water can get boring. Liven things up with flavored zero calorie water. Add 1 to 2 bottles of flavored water drink or try Crystal Light powder and add water to make a delicious way to stay hydrated and lose weight.

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