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Are You Successful - What is Success?
To some, success is define by making a 6 or 7 figure income. Other people define success by their career accomplishments. Still others define success as a big house, nice cars, travel and fine furniture.
But real success is fulfilling your destiny. Have you wondered why people with ordinary jobs and little status seem to be so happy? It's there definition of success. To some, a great life is providing a home, food and happiness to their family.
The elusive nature of success is that it varies from person to person. Some people are content with a regular 9 to 5 job, while others have thoughts and ambition to run their own multi-million dollar business. Is the CEO of a fortune 500 company more successful or inspirational than a local area bus driver? Most would say the CEO is most successful but is that true?
Hold those thoughts and let's look further! The CEO makes 2 million a year, has no close friends and a failing marriage. The constant pressure and time demand of his job gives him little time for outside hobbies. He has no time for family and his kids dabble in drugs. Mr. CEO loves his job but the tremendous pressure of his job makes him feel frustrated and empty inside.
Mr. Bus Driver make $40K a year and lives in an average house with a wife and two kids. He loves spending time with his family and they love him very much. His kids consult dad on every important matter in life and Mr. Bus Driver thoughts is not constantly on his job.
Mr. Bus Drivers has close friends from work and 2 old fishing buddies. Mr. Bus driver loves to fish and his buddies make regular fishing trips. Mr. Bus Driver is also active with an organization that provides donated medical supplies to poor areas in the country and internationally that desperately need these supplies to save lives.
Who is more successful ..... Mr. CEO or Mr. Bus Driver? The first thing that is obvious is that it's not the amount of money they earn or the nice cars and home. The difference between these two men is their mission in life. Mr. Bus Driver life does not revolve around himself but rather his family and friends. Hence, he has caring and inspirational relationships.   
Mr. Bus Driver life is balanced because he has other interests. His job is NOT his life. He also fulfills a mission that he feels very passionate about ...... keeping others alive through donated medical supplies.
The difference is ....... Mr. CEO life revolves around himself while Mr. Bus Driver life revolves around others. Mr. Bus Driver is fulfilling his mission in life by taking care of his family and supplying desperately needed medical supplies. Mr. Bus Driver also serves a good secondary function as a transportation laborer.
So is there something wrong with being a CEO? Absolutely not. Some people have thoughts and ambition to accomplish many great things. Their success does not rest solely with their job which is the common mistakes of over-achievers. It's the person inside you that matters. Everyone is meant to fulfill a plan or destiny. If your destiny revolves entirely around yourself, you'll probably be miserable ..... or at the very least .... NOT VERY SUCCESSFUL.
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