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Low Calorie Menu and Diet Plan

low calorie diets   ●   1300 - 1400 calorie diet

This low calorie menu plan ranges from 1310 to 1460 calories. You can vary the calories to get the final calorie consumption that you want. If you think it’s calorie intake vs.  calories expended that makes you lose weight ……  think again.

It’s also the quality of the calories you eat. You can lose a pound each week on this menu and diet plan eating 2000 calories per day because the calories come from quality sources. Carbs are in the form of complex carbs and high quality sources.

Try  this 1300 to 1400 calories menu per day eating 5 times per day and watch the pounds come off. Don’t  be discouraged from the higher calorie content on this diet plan, you can just as easily lose weight from this diet menu plan as you can from a 1000 calorie plan.

This menu plan will keep your metabolism from dropping because of the frequent eating as oppose to eating fewer calories 3 times per day. To lose weight, eat quality sources of protein and carbs and a minimum of 5 times per day to keep your metabolism high.

Below is our 1210 to 1460 diet menu plan to follow.


3 egg whites  or substitute egg with 1 whole wheat toast  …… 200 cal


Cereal with light yogurt   ….. 300 cal


1 servings of Hawaiian Paradise Salad   …250 cal
Makes  6 servings

1.       1 can 12 ounce chicken breast

2.       ¼ cup diced pineapple

3.       1 small diced apple

4.       3 tablespoon of light mayonnaise

5.       ½ cup diced celery

Mix all ingredients in medium bowl.  Use fork to mix and stir vigorously. 


1 servings of Hawaiian Paradise Salad   …250 cal



1 serving of nuts (preferably almonds)  …… 200 cal


1 servings of Hawaiian Paradise Salad   …250 cal


6 ounce Baked Salmon and season to taste    …….350 cal

Veggie (no potatoes) such as green beans, spinach, greens or broccoli  and season to taste …. 50 cal

Sugar Free Jello  ……10 cal 

Total Calories:1310 - 1460

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