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Losing weight demands that you learn how to control portion size. Calories do matter and learning how to control them through dieting and portion control is the difference between success and failure for your personal weight loss program.
Start by reading labels on the foods you buy
You should always go shopping with a list of the most important foods to buy. Read the label so you know the calorie, fat and carb content of 1 serving size. Learning how much food makes a serving is very important. In a typical large bag of Doritos chips, there are 10 or more servings. The calories per serving may only be 140 calories but the serving size is only an ounce. Allow yourself one ounce portion so that you don't exceed your calorie limitation at the end of the day.
Let's say your family must have a large bag of chips in the house. Though it's tempting to eat the entire bag of chips, control yourself by opening the bag and place 1 serving of chips in a zip lock bag, then squeeze the air out. If the entire bag of chips has 10 servings, then divide the bag by 10 and place an equal serving in each zip lock bag.

Allow yourself 1 bag of chips to snack on.  Calorie value is 140 calories per serving or zip lock bag.  The purpose of dividing the bag of chips into separate zip lock bags is to PREVENT you from UNINTENTIONALLY snacking on the entire bag of chips.

You are more PSYCHOLOGICALLY prone to eating a small bag of 1 serving than having an entire open bag of chips. Keep in mind that chips are not the most nutritious snack but they help fill a void if you need them.

You can do the same trick with other snacks and desserts.
Apply this method to any tempting foods and you are on your way to controlling your weight. If you need help with a good diet plan that will help you sensibly lose 2 pounds per week, let us help. We specialize in personal diet plans that get the weight off. Click Personal Diet Plan.



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